Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

Nature is one of the best ways to rejuvenate oneself. Not many can disagree with this fact. In today’s hectic and monotonous lifestyle of cities and towns, an opportunity to spend few special days with best of nature and its forms is something that is always welcomed.

Imagine having a close interaction with rich and varied fauna and flora, having lush greenery, exotic plants around you and rarest of animals carrying on with their day to day activities when you closely watch them. Isn’t it exciting?

A vacation filled with thrill and excitement along with refreshing natural settings is what you get in Wildlife sanctuaries of India. Tourists can not just get a glimpse but also experience the world they live in and enter their territories.

Visiting a Wildlife sanctuary promises you not just wildlife but much more than that. Even if one is not a nature enthusiast, he or she will find something to keep themselves interested. Going to any of the India’s wildlife sanctuaries makes for an experience worth experiencing.

India boasts of exceptionally rich flora and fauna which can be seen at these sanctuaries and national parks. There are 96 national parks and over 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India presenting tourists with wide range to choose from.

Each sanctuary has something unique to offer you making for some wonderful touring options. You are offered with diverse and wide variety in these wildlife sanctuaries which is incomparable to any other part of the world.

Few of the sanctuaries in India are Dering memorial Wildlife Sanctuary, Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary, Udanti Wild Buffalo Wildlife Sanctuary, Palpur – Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary, Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, West Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Pule Batze Wildlife Sanctuary, Surinsar-Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary, Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary, Okhla Bird Sanctuary Wildlife Sanctuary, Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.

Wildlife sanctuaries in India divided on the basis of geographies, for instance wildlife sanctuaries in Assam to wildlife sanctuaries in Andaman & Nicobar to Wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan, etc.

Although the sanctuaries of North and Central India are popularly known, you will find some good wildlife sanctuaries in the South such as Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Nagahole National Park in Karnataka as well along with in the North Eastern part of the country such as Dibang valley Wildlife Sanctuary, Sessa Orchid Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

The fact that you will get to experience the best of the natural and wild world is enough for nature enthusiast to leave their comfort and luxury at any time of the year. However, the best time to visit wildlife sanctuaries is the winter season. During this time to can spot rarest of land animals and avian creatures as many migrating birds from around the world also make country as their temporary home and also royals like tiger, leopard, barasingha, etc.

In Summer season because of the hot climate there is generally water scarcity and because of that animals mostly come out in herds to search water. Thus many sanctuaries are closed during this time due to safety reasons of both tourists and the animals.

Once in the wildlife sanctuary of your choice, you can opt for jungle safari and enjoy a ride amidst dense jungle and catch glimpse of wild animals. Going on elephant back is a unique experience all together. Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) India along with many other other NGOs are working zealously towards conserving the natural wealth of the country.

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By Indraneel

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