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Kambalakonda Eco Park, Visakhapatnam Kambalakonda Eco Park / Wildlife Sanctuary, Visakhapatnam

Kambalakonda Eco Park, Visakhapatnam

Kambalakonda Eco Park is a wildlife sanctuary that appeals to your sense of thrill and adventure with its extensive wildlife population in the folds of greenery that truly makes it an Eco-park.  Characterized by a dense green evergreen forest and home to one of its key attractions, the leopard, Kambalakonda Eco Park is one of the top eco-parks of Andhra Pradesh. It is also one of […]

Simhachalam Temple, Visakhapatnam Simhachalam Temple, Visakhapatnam, India Tourism

Simhachalam Temple, Visakhapatnam

Simhachalam temple in Visakhapatnam is not just a temple that holds its place among the revered religious sites of the country. It is also a monument that speaks to the aesthetics lovers, history buffs and travelers who wish to imbibe the essence of a city by visiting places that are a mirror of the past. This sacred edifice is located on top of Simhadri hill, […]

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