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  • National Parks in India

    National Parks in India

    National parks are vast spaces of natural landscapes that offer a wide range of geographical and climatic diversity. They are treasure troves for nature lovers. Within the boundaries of a national park, you can find an entire ecosystem. National Parks exist across varying terrains of the country,  from the soaring Himalayan mountain range, lush rain […]

  • Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

    Wildlife Sanctuaries in India

    Nature is one of the best ways to rejuvenate oneself. Not many can disagree with this fact. In today’s hectic and monotonous lifestyle of cities and towns, an opportunity to spend a few special days with the best of nature and its forms is something that is always welcomed.  Imagine having a close interaction with […]

  • Top 26 Tiger Reserves of India

    Top 26 Tiger Reserves of India

    Have you ever gone for a wildlife road trip and come back without seeing any wild animals, especially tigers? That churning feeling in your gut is so painful, you feel like being more prepared the next time around. But you never know when that will happen.  For those of you looking for the best tiger […]

  • Top 23 Wildlife Destinations in India

    If you are a lover of bio-diversity, plan a trip to India. India is one of the richest countries of the world as far as the wealth of bio-diversity is concerned. A study discloses that India along with 17 other countries is a home of about 70 percent of the biodiversity of the world. India […]