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  • Temples in South India

    Temples in South India

    Southern India is a land of majestic temples, standing elegantly for centuries. The architecture of these structures is awe-inspiring and intricate. From Dravidian to Vijayanagara style each temple has a unique architectural style. Elaborate pillars with intricate carvings and sculpted walls tell the story about legends long forgotten.  The temples in South India are incomparable […]

  • Pilgrim Places in South India

    Pilgrim Places in South India

    Though India is a modern country, it’s also rich in history and culture. The most notable part of Indian history is the pilgrim places built throughout the country. South India has many such pilgrim masterpieces that have deep spiritual roots and also represent the ancient architecture of the land. The emergence of dynasties like the […]

  • Pilgrim Places in India

    Pilgrim Places in India

    India’s diversity is reflected in its vast history and culture. The country has been a spiritual haven for centuries, where people of various religious faiths have lived together peacefully without conflict or animosity. People from across the globe come to India seeking spiritual enlightenment. The country has a diverse culture where people with varied religious […]

  • Temples in India

    Temples in India

    India is a land of rich religious history and countless traditions. The country also takes pride in its contribution to world religions like Hinduism, also believed to be the first ever religion on Earth.  Hinduism being the world’s oldest religion does not have a founder but rather its an amalgamation of various faiths. Temples are […]