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  • Best Places to Visit in Odisha

    Best Places to Visit in Odisha

    Odisha is a state in India that is rich in cultural heritage and has some of the most beautiful spots to visit. The ancient temples in the state are among the most visited tourist places in Odisha, with over a million visitors annually. The temples in this area are adorned with beautiful architectural elements that […]

  • Lakshadweep Culture & Traditions

    Lakshadweep Culture & Traditions

    Lakshadweep offers tourists with not just a mesmerising natural setting but attracts them with its simplistic lifestyle and vibrant culture. Its diversified traditions and cultural practices add on to the overall charm of Lakshadweep. The culture of Lakshadweep is similar to that of Kerala state to a large extent. Its proximity with the state of […]

  • Top 15 Cultural Attractions in South India

    Top 15 Cultural Attractions in South India

    01 Ayurveda in Kerala Kerala is the land of Ayurveda. The term Ayurveda means the ‘science of life’. Ayurveda, the ancient method of treatment was originated in India in 600 BC. Ayurveda is a unique indispensable branch of medicine that not only cures the disease but also rejuvenates the body by eliminating all the toxic […]

  • Indian People (Culture, Weddings & Clothing)

    Indian People (Culture, Weddings & Clothing)

    India is a land of diversity and colours. The people of India and their lifestyle are as diverse as the geography of the country and its varied religions and traditions. Indian way of living presents a beautiful amalgamation of diversity, complexity and simplicity. It is an experience in itself to notice the how the rich […]

  • Music & Dance Culture in India

    Music & Dance Culture in India

    India boasts of exceptionally rich performing arts. There are just one or two kinds of music and dance forms in India. India has various kinds of exquisite classical dance forms and music along with folk dances and songs. Each art form represents the culture in a beautiful and impressive way which is incomparable to any […]

  • Languages of India

    Languages of India

    India, as a whole is a beautiful amalgamation of various cultural practices and traditions. India, with various geographical variations, has different ways of living and culture as well. These differences in culture and geography have also resulted in various kinds of languages and dialects. India has officially 22 languages. Each language presents a rich literature […]

  • Top 10 Cultural Destinations in India

    Top 10 Cultural Destinations in India

    The country has umpteen numbers of tourist destinations with each presenting a unique experience. The list of the destination is endless. Few of the destinations that are quite popular are: 1. Agra A trip to India is India is incomplete without visiting Agra. The city in the state of Uttar Pradesh boasts of world famous […]

  • Famous Festivals & Fairs of India

    India captivates everyone with its colours and charm. Festivals and fairs in India are the best way of experiencing its colour and liveliness. There are so many festivals celebrated in India that one can actually celebrate each and every day of the year! India has wide variety even in the kinds of festivals varying from […]

  • Culture of India

    Culture of India

    India has rich and centuries old culture. The country has been an invader’s paradise and has seen many rulers from time to time such as Mughals, British, Portuguese, Turks, Afghans, Persians, Greeks, Chinese nomads and Arabs. Along with this, various religions also flourished and took birth in Indian subcontinent such as Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam, […]

  • Yoga in India

    Yoga in India

    Any mention of India is incomplete without discussing Yoga, a centuries old traditional way to heal mind and soul along with body. According to some, the history of India dates back to 200 BC as there literature discussing the same. However, many also claim that the science of Yoga was invented during the Vedic times […]