Kerala Tourism | Attractions, Packages, Travel Guides

Kerala Tourism: Attractions, Packages, Travel Guides

Situated at the southwestern tip of India, Kerala is the most popular destination for  tourism in the country with its elegance and charm. Kerala Tourism offers the eternal beauty of palm fringed beaches, serene backwaters, exotic hill stations, dense green vegetation, fabulous waterfalls and dams, the wonderful variety of wildlife and many more..

Going for Kerala tourism will definitely be a wonderful experience. Kerala, a small green beautiful land with a diverse scenic attractions and traditional art forms has always been a wonder for everyone. Tourism industry in Kerala is growing fast with increasing number of visitors year by year.

Kerala is an easy to get around place with the attractions which are not distributed  far apart. Kerala the wonderful destination for tourism will be an amazing experience enjoying the virgin beauty of this beautiful land. We are a world class travel and tours solutions provider with a network spread in all major tourist destinations across the globe. The dedicated team of our experts will take care of every details of your journey and make it a perfect one.

Kerala tourism not only offers you the scenic attractions but also help rejuvenate your body and soul with the Ayurveda treatment. Kerala is the land of Ayurveda, an indispensable branch of medicine. Kerala has a number of Ayurvedic centres  offering Spa and various treatments which help to eliminate toxic materials from our body.

The geographical features of Kerala offers some exotic hill stations, waterfalls, backwaters, lakes, rivers etc. The hill stations in Kerala has always attracted a large number of  tourists. Hill stations are also an ideal spot for adventure lovers with trekking and hiking. Munnar, Nelliyampathy, Wayanad, Ponmudi etc are some of the major hill stations in Kerala.

The unending chains of hills, valleys covered with the greenery of tea, coffee and spice plantations, the fragrance of these spices spreading all over the hill station with the cool breeze along with the serenity of this hill stations made it the favorite spot of visitors especially honeymooners.

Another major and unique attraction which made Kerala an important destination for tourism is the serene backwaters and the traditional houseboats. The backwaters and houseboats are the best combination. The houseboat cruise explore the scenic beauty of backwaters completely.

Tourism in Kerala offers you the magical journey in houseboats with the beautiful sight of splendid sunsets, waxing moonlight, green paddy fields, exotic birds, tall coconut trees and the simple village life. The mesmerizing beauty of this journey will definitely be a lifetime memory for all. Alleppey , Kumarakom, Kochi, Kasargod etc are some of the best backwaters in Kerala.

The sun kissed beaches in Kerala are other key attraction of this small beautiful land. Kerala is said to have some of the finest beaches in the country. The clean and warm sand , waves breaking on the shore, rocky capes, the palm trees and the fabulous view of sunset will be an enchanting experience for one and all.

You can also play various water sports on these beaches and refresh your body and soul. The one and only drive in beach in India is situated in India, Muzhappilangad is situated in Kerala. Kerala, the land famous for tourism just once and you will realize why this beautiful place is called as God’s Own Country.


  • Hi there!

    I am Marley from California. Me and my husband are planning to go for a weeks trip to Kerala specially backwaters. i would like some information on backwater tourism?

    Thank u

    • Hey Marley,

      Welcome to India and the God’s Own Country. I must say your choice is excellent. Kerala is one of the most visited places in India. Being the most beautiful and unique attraction of Kerala your decision to visit backwaters is right. Major backwater destinations in Kerala are Alleppey, Kollam, Thiruvallam, Cochin, Kasargod and Kumarakom. If you want to explore the complete beauty of backwaters its better to take a houseboat cruise on the backwaters. I hope you heard about the great experience of houseboat cruise through the backwaters. For making your visit worthwhile i will suggest an overnight stay in houseboats. If your budget won’t allow you can also take a half day trip in houseboats.

      The houseboats in Kerala have fully furnished interior. Its like a floating home with all the luxuries. Apart from the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and toilet there is a sundeck where you can sit and relax. The houseboat have a cook, an engine driver and cabin crew. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just enjoy the leisure of the day. Taste the delicious local food on board. There are so many beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala and its really hard to choose. Every backwater destination holds something special. But depends on your interest and the duration you want to spend in the backwaters you can select among different places.

      Kollam is the actual gateway to Kerala backwaters but most of the backwater tourism in Kerala is based on Alleppey. If you want to spend long hours in backwaters you can choose the longest houseboat cruise that is from Kollam to Alleppey, an eight hour journey. Short duration cruises are also available. Most of the short distance cruises sails in and around Kollam and Alleppey. Overnight cruise is also amazing. An overnight cruise from Aleppey takes you f to Kumarakom. A backwater cruise through Cochin offers you the sight of various tourist attractions like Jewish synagogue, St Francis church, Cochin fort, Mattancheri palace etc. Houseboats are available in different rates. You can hire houseboats which suits your budget. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy the backwaters. I am sure you are gonna love this trip.

      Have a nice journey..

    • Hello Marley, I appreciate your interest in Kerala backwaters. As a person who enjoyed all the pleasures of Kerala Backwaters i can assure you that Kerala backwaters won’t disappoint you. It is one such place where you can make a visit without a second thought. I had gone to Kerala with my family in the last summer vacation. Our main focus was backwaters. It was relaxing. We had some nice time together away from the crowd and noise and in a non polluted atmosphere.

      Prior to my trip only i have googled about backwaters and the houseboat cruises, still when i saw it first time in real i was stunned by the beauty of the wonderful backwaters. Its really beyond any explanations, it’s something you should feel. It worth a visit.

      We stayed one night in Kerala Houseboat. It was a wonderful experience. I was so totally carried away by the simple village life. I am sure you won’t get bored in the houseboat for a single moment. There are lot to see around you.Even gazing at the water itself is so amazing. These houseboats are very comfortable , there is nothing to worry. Houseboat normally comes with one captain, cook and helper. The food was little spicy yet delicious, you can give your preferences and they will prepare the food accordingly. Main attraction in the menu was the sea food.

      You can see so many variety of colorful birds, green paddy fields and many Kerala style temples and you will get a better view of all this if you take a binocular with you. So don’t forget to take a binocular. Also take music players / phone with you so that you can listen to some music. Till now i can recall all those moments i spend in the backwaters. It was the most wonderful journey of my life. I hope you will also have a lovely time in Kerala. I am waiting to read your travel review. Wishing you guys a wonderful journey.


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