Hill Stations in South India

Best Hill Stations to visit in South India
Best Hill Stations to visit in South India (courtesy: naviphotography)

South India has a lot to offer for those looking to have fun and adventure during their vacation. The scenery of beautiful South Indian hill stations is mesmerizing. It has green forests, majestic mountains, and heritage sites that are cradled in rich flora and fauna. The sight of a gushing waterfall amidst tall cliffs is very soothing. 

South India’s hill stations are the perfect getaways for those who want to escape from sweltering summers. The Western Ghats, which is home to lush greenery and wildlife, comes alive during this time of year when temperatures soar in coastal cities like Chennai or Kochi as well as metropolitan areas such as Bangalore. 

Along with beautiful landscapes, it is also filled with historic sites and places of interest as well as tranquil backwaters and cascading waterfalls. In South India, every mile is full of bliss and steeped in the rich culture of the region.

The ambiance of the towns and villages are infinitely varied in form and color which makes it an unforgettable place for visitors.You can explore the region’s rich biodiversity through hiking trails along with the Wayanad forests that house exotic flora and fauna. Below we have listed the most popular Hill Stations in South India.

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg - Karnataka, Hill Stations in South India
Coorg – Karnataka, Hill Stations in South India (courtesy: melvinaugustine)

Nestled amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka Coorg has a misty landscape that is perpetually blooming. It stands as one of the most popular coffee-producing destinations. This location has been noted for its beautiful green hills and streams cutting through them, along with their culture and people who are well known for being especially hospitable. The hospitality of the Kodava community which specializes in martial arts is heartwarming.

Coorg is officially known as Kodagu and is popular as the most affluent hill station in Karnataka. The beautiful scenery and lush greenery of the hill station have hills covered with spice plantations that make this region unique. Madikeri serves as the central point of tourism around Coorg. On your visit, you can explore popular tourist attractions in Coorg and nearby places like Virajpet where you can definitely try “homestays” for a memorable experience.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

Ooty - Tamilnadu, Hill Stations in South India
Ooty – Tamilnadu, Hill Stations in South India (courtesy: karthikeyags)

Nestled amidst the Nilgiri hills is Ooty, a quaint hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu. It has served as the summer headquarters of East India Company and even today attracts tourists from across the country. Its beautiful landscapes lure couples, making it the best honeymoon destination in South India.

There are many popular tourist places to visit in Ooty that you can plan to visit on your multi day trip. Also there are several tea gardens on the lush slopes of the hills, country lanes winding through verdant forests offering stunning views of the towering mountains. The Nilgiri mountain railway is the steepest track of Asia that takes you through lush greenery along Indian hillsides.

Munnar, Kerala

Munnar, Hill Stations in South India (courtesy: naviphotography)

Munnar is a hill station in Kerala, perched at an altitude of 1600 meters. It is also popularly known as the ‘Kashmir’ of South India. This mountain resort has tea estates with unperturbed spreads of green everywhere covered with blankets of mist forming natural viewpoints. It is a popular place among nature photographers to capture stunning pictures.

Munnar is one of the most popular destinations for honeymooners in India with an abundance of resorts and cottages offering romantic views of the surroundings. The town has three rivers that meet here- Mattupetti, Nallathanni, and Periavaru which adds to the city’s beauty.

The town of Munnar also has a region known as Old Munnar, which has a tourist information office and where most guest houses are located. In contrast to this, its major attractions include Eravikulam National Park, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary as well as tea plantations.

Wayand, Kerala

Wayanad – Kerala, Hill Stations in South India (courtesy: asimzkodappana)

Wayanad is a forest area in Kerala is famous for its spice plantations, historical caves, comfortable resorts and homestays. You can experience the city by walking through its sprawling spice plantations to trekking into prehistoric cave systems or enjoy a resort holiday here.

Wayanad is best known for its beautiful wildlife and there are many famous tourist places to visit in Wayanad. Home to an exquisite variety of flora and fauna, Wayanad Wildlife Reserve is a perfect weekend escape from the bustling cities in South India.

If you are traveling by road from Bangalore to Wayanad you can visit three national parks along the route. Stay amidst the wild or enjoy jungle safari at Nagarhole National Park, Bandipur National Park, and Mudumalai Tiger reserve that lie along your travel route.

Araku Valley, Vizag

Araku Valley- Andhra Pradesh, Hill Stations in South India (courtesy: revanthpnvs)

A calm and secluded getaway in South India, Araku Valley is the perfect place to visit for a relaxing vacation in South India. Located 120 kilometers away from Visakhapatnam towards Andhra Pradesh’s Eastern Ghats mountains, Araku Valley is a famous hill station in South India that offers some beautiful vistas of untouched landscapes.

The journey to this destination by train is an amazing experience itself. The Vistadome Train leaves at 6:50 AM making its way through 58 tunnels and passing over 84 bridges as it makes its journey towards Araku.

Located in the gentle hills of Eastern Ghats, Araku Valley is also home to a number of tribes. You can explore the Borra caves in the area and shop for handmade artifacts. You can also try your hand at adventure sports like trekking or swimming. 

You can relax in the splendid ambiance of Araku Valley while enjoying the beautiful vista points located near coffee plantations. The subtle aroma of coffee attracts coffee enthusiasts to take tours along the plantations.

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