India Tourism

India Tourism

India, a land of tradition and culture with a touch of breathtaking natural beauty here and there has more than just one or two features to greet its tourist with. From majestic Himalayas on one end to golden beaches on other, from vast ocean on one hand to gigantic streaks of desert on the other, Mother Nature has been more than kind to this country.

India, with a history that is almost 5000 years old doesn’t fail to amaze you at each and every second. From best of natural settings to the wonders of human creations to a powerful history to varied traditions and cultural practices, the land of India is every traveler dream. makes your journey into this land of wonders much easier. From suggestion of best places to visit to the important traveling tips helping you manage a comfortable journey in a place where the culture and practices differ from each other after almost every 340 Kms.

From travelogues to expert comments on places of tourists’ interests to detailed information on various places in the country, we at India Tourism offer our reader with much more than just a write up on destination. It is an experience that we share with you, presenting the most genuine and honest opinion on the places worth visiting at least once.

The country of India has endless of place that interest tourists. You have not just one kind of destinations suiting one particular set on interest but have varied range. From a religious tour to a spiritual one, from an adventure holidaying to romantic trips, from a family vacation to a business tour, the country suits everyone and suits each and every one promising most memorable days of your lives.

The country has almost everything that can make your India travel worth remembering. Majestic snow clad Himalayas, calm yet aggressive ocean, enormous Thar desert, wild dense woods, unbelievably beautiful monuments and palaces, divine temples, mosques, churches and other religious places.

India also offer umpteen numbers of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, hills and exceptionally rich flora and fauna along with hospitable residents greeting you with their strikingly unique culture and traditions make the trip in India a special one.

India Tourism doesn’t stick to just the popular tourist spots. It goes way beyond the usual and presents you with a various refreshing options. Apart from famous tourist places in states like Kerala, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and others, we also present you with the list of places with great potential promising unforgettable time.

Not just amazing options for sightseeing and activities, you have mouth-watering cuisines varying from places to places, colorful festivals and comfortable facilities and transportation makes the country  a perfect place to spend few days of your lives.

With our precise and detailed information on various tourist destinations and travel news that can be of practical use to any traveller visiting the country, India Tourism offers a complete tour package for you.